I take my 3 Golden Retrievers out for a walk almost every day and I think we are conscious walkers. I mean we pick up after ourselves...but other dog walkers...not so much. But beware...pretty soon we'll know who is leaving the mess.

So if you’re one of those annoying people who walks a dog and doesn’t clean up after your poochie, your days of anonymity may soon be over.

Apartment complexes are going high-tech, using DNA testing on doggie droppings to determine their origin and shine a spotlight of shame on the humans who let it happen.

Apartment managers have turned to commercial DNA sampling kits as a last resort, and dog-owning residents are required to submit samples to be put on file.

The kits are from a Knoxville, Tennessee firm called PooPrints, a subsidiary of BioPet Vet Lab. The president of the lab, Jim Simpson, said about 20 US properties so far have signed on.

Here’s how it works: PooPrints provides a feces collection kit containing a solution into which a small sample is mixed and sent back to the lab. DNA is then extracted and cross-referenced against existing profiles for a match.

Dog owners can be subject to some sort of fine or punishment by the apartment management.

It's not exactly CSI but the pieces of the crime will be proven by the feces...yikes