Country Music Hall of Fame member, George Jones in postponing more shows thru May 20th as he is still recovering from an upper respiratory infection. The entire Canadian tour will be lost, and some shows in Missouri. Kirk Webster, Jones's publicist said the dates would be made up as soon as the singer feels better. 80 year old Jones said he never wants to cancel a show, but he should probably do what the doctors tell him to do. Nicknamed "No Show Jones" at one time, for his lack of showing up to some shows back when, he says he's very thankful for all of the prayers and support from his fans, and looks forward to seeing them on the road soon. Years ago at the Toyota Center, Conway Twitty, Vince Gill and George Jones all played together, and before the concert, there was a p.a. announcement that said George Jones had been spotted in the building, and not to worry. Not the best concert I've ever seen, but definitely the most memorable. Get well George.