Tuck my tummy, trim a little off the end of my nose, and suck a bunch of fat out of by butt-tocks. For every flaw we think we have, there is a plastic surgeons who will cut, chop, pull, remove, stretch, tuck, suck, laser and reduce to make us look like some one else. Two words, Kenny Rogers.If he has his face pulled back one more time, he'll be able to put the extra skin in a pony tail. But it doesn't end here.

Thanks to some female Hollywood types, where appearance is everything, plastic surgeons now can perfect those dreaded, career ending........CANKLES!!! Yes, swelling in the ankles has a cure. It's about time, have we not suffered enough, do you expect me to wear long pants and tube socks all summer. Sadly, plastic surgeons say there is over a 58% rise in patient requests for the removal of the ghastly condition known as.......CANKLES!!!  Women, you don't have to stay secluded in your bedrooms with the lights out any longer, or walk down the street knowing your ankles are jiggling around like the jelly stuff on the top of a hunk of spam. Rejoice. Now for a small fee a plastic surgeon can do some laser liposuction, or a cankle-reducing operation that will make your ankles perfect just like society wants them to be. I must say,  I'm so disgusted with cankles,  just saying the word makes me want to burp and pick up a hitch hiker, seriously. Here is the best part about this story, while rich folk spend millions fixing their fat, puffy ankles. Doctors say you can reduce ankle, stomach and wrist swelling by eating less salt and drinking more water. When fixing up a car, my dad always told me to spend most of your money on the motor and undercarriage ( trans, rear end, drive train, etc.) and less on paint. His thought was pretty simple, what good is a 2000 dollar paint job when all it does is sit in the driveway. I think we have spent enough time on making our outside appearance better, how about we start working on the inside for a change, just sayin'.