I let Chuck Hall write a dating profile for me. To my surprise, I received positive comments. Here are few examples.

  • A Lot Of B.S.

    Your profile has got to be the one that has made me smile the most and shake my head at the same time thinking, "At least this guy isn't full of himself or a lot of B.S. It's nice to see someone with a sense of humor. Have a great evening or day, whichever it is when you read this.

  • Knitting Projects

    Just thought I'd say hello. Hope your Saturday morning is going good and your knitting projects get done. lol jk. Maybe we could chat sometime?

  • Nude First Aid

    I love your profile and your shirt... Love Dr. Pepper. What I want to know is do you teach nude first aid? LOL

  • Let's Play Dr.

    I love your profile, it made me laugh! Let's play Dr.

  • Most Men Are On Their Best Behavior

    Most men are on best behavior, I like somebody with a good sense of humor and honesty.

  • Greg's Dating Profile