I gave Chuck Hall full reign for my Plenty of fish dating site.... here is what he came up with.



nude chainsaw carving, teaching first-aid classes, owner of a Gopher breeding ranch

About Me

I am a real catch because of my big heart, no really, I ate to much bacon as a kid and I now have an enlarged heart.Good news is, you could probably beat me in a foot race.

In my spare time I love to knit dish towels for the homeless, and little bird coats for featherless birds. I really don't have to many goals as far as long term, (I say why do today what you can put aside until tomorrow.)

One goal I guess is to own my own mobile snow-cone shack. I could travel the world one frosty treat at a time, that would be awesome!!

Let's spend some time together and groove to the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire or slim Whitman, your choice.

I am unique, because my mom said when God made me, he broke the mold. Oh yea, pet peeve, mold. Especially in Tupperware. Not really looking for marriage or a ton of kids to call my own. Let's just KISS (keep it simple stupid)

First Date

IHOP (around a lot of people) just in case your a crazy cat lady...BAZINGA!!!

Contact me on POF.com Bow-chicka brown cow!!