The following was written by a non-partial on looker.

I was out at the TRAC on Tuesday attending the Hanford Health and Safety Expo, it was early and I saw the KORD waking crew setting up. As I approached, all I saw was Chuck doing all the work, setting up the tent, hooking up the sound system, and hanging up KORD banner. When I did see Greg, he was sitting in the truck shining his head, trimming his mustache, and yelling orders at his assistant, who I was told is in the country illegally from Tansanesia, or was it Cleveland? Poor Chuck was wore out before the remote even started. In the half hour I watched the two KORD guys, Chuck waxed the KORD Ford, shined up the wheels, replaced a head light, and still did all of his radio chores. Greg just yelled because his assistant for not buying the seedless grapes, horrible, horrible man. As he laid in the grass, he would try and convince all the women that walked by just how sexy he was, and that he was brewing up his own cologne at home in his back yard, it was sad. The one women that did stop to chat with him, turned out to be his parole officer. Get off the Grass Greg, and look around, you have a good partner to work with, but you're screwing it all up with your Ryan Seacrest attitude. I hope you got grass stains on your imported Italian jeans. Have a good day, Chuck.

Signed, no one who has ever met Chuck Hall before, and has never received money from him either, and wrote this article all on my own, with no help from Chuck.