Happy New Year! Have you taken down the Christmas lights yet? or are you going to leave them up for easter? Have all your relatives that camped out over Christmas left now and your place is a shambles?

Well don't feel like you are alone and no you probably are not OCD but some people just can't stand being in a dirty house! You know a little dusty, papers or bills piled up, stack of newspapers, dust bunnies; e have all got to go!

But then there are those of us when we walk in the door of your home after a long day at work, well thats where it stays, right where it landed. And thats ok. Bags, shoes, coats, keys, whatever

So let's find out. Take this Poll. Do you like your house spotless and clean or are you ok with your house being a little messy. I mean we don't want the folks from the TV Show Hoarders knocking on your door but messy is ok right.

Lets see what everyone thinks!