Have you ever opened up a Christmas gift present that made you gasp? Opening up Christmas gifts is always exciting. But what happens when you open up an inappropriate gift in front of other people. You might be surprised who gives these gifts the most.

According to a survey 69% of people polled said they have been embarrassed by a Christmas gift, something they said shouldn't have been opened in front of other people. The two people most responsible for breaking the rules, Husbands and Mother-In-Laws. I truly believe husbands are clueless, and think everything is funny when it comes to gift giving. Mother-in-Laws on the other hand are a little more devilish. The most common embarrassing gift to open in front of other people is sexy undergarments like panties, nighties etc. In a close second place was adult toys given mostly as a gag gift, but embarrassing to open none the less. At a company Christmas party one year, someone got me a giant towel with a naked girl on it. I wore that thing all night in front of other workers and their spouses, only to find out the next morning just how graphic the picture was on the towel, we're talking way past appropriate for mixed company. What is the most embarrassing gift you have ever given during the holiday season?  What is the most embarrassing gift you have recieved?