I don't bake much. But last night I was dreaming of chowin' down on some really great textured Oatmeal Cookie Dough. There is something about Oatmeal cookies before  they're baked..(and I know you are not supposed to eat that raw because of the eggs)But I do it anyway!

I hopped out of bed last night, headed for the kitchen. But my guilt took over when I started to pour sugar into the mixing bowl. How could I possibly allow myself to make Oatmeal cookies, knowing I will eat a bunch and how bad all that sugar and fat is for me?!

So, I decided to make some substitutions.

I substituted Coconut Flour for the white flour, Cold pressed Coconut Oil for the Vegetable Shortening, And Coconut Sugar for the 2 Cups of Sugar I would have used.

They actually turned out pretty tasty. And yeah...I ate some RAW COOKIE DOUGH! YUM!

So, I guess...it gave me my fix without giving me so much saturated fat and sugar.

I just went with what I happened to have to substitute with. I'm sure you can find lots of great healthy recipes at Chowstalker.com I use that website a lot!