With fathers day just around the corner, KORD is asking you to share some of your fathers words of wisdom, or just some of his sayings you've heard over the years, could be worth a new grill. Check it out at 1027kord.com. Here are a few I remember growing up.

If we were being mouthy or not doing what he asked us to do, he would flick us on the head with his fingers and say, "That was for nothing, now try something"

My favorite,"Stop your whining or I'll give you something to cry about"

If you left the front door open, especially in winter. "Hey,you trying to heat the outside"

If you were standing there with the fridge door open for any length of time he would ask if you were trying to cool off the kitchen.

Being a teamster for 20 plus years, if you were driving some where he would say," be careful , there's lots of electricians out there"

The left lane was for passing only, no exceptions.

As far as cars go, he would tell me not to worry to much about the outside, just make sure it runs good.

A good looking women was "built like a brick sh#! house"

A side note to leaving the front door open, one winter he put a jar on a cabinet by the front door, if you went outside and left it open it would cost you a dime, no exceptions.

Love ya Chubby, see ya soon, keep the boat motor running.