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Emotional Support Peacock Not Allowed on Plane
Sure, you've heard of guide dogs, therapy dogs, and other emotional and physical support animals, but I'm pretty sure you haven't heard of an emotional support PEACOCK! At least, I hadn't. That was until I heard the story of a lady who tried to take her emotional support peacock …
WA Woman Attacks With Knife Because He Wouldn’t Cuddle!
Cuddling is relaxing. Cuddling shows you care. Cuddling can bond two people together. Don't deny the cuddle! Here's what happened when a Lakewood, WA woman was denied sweet cuddle moments by her boyfriend who just wasn't in the mood!
Cuddle OR ELSE...
Umbrella Scares Hospital Into Lockdown Near Seattle
EvergreenHealth hospital in Kirkland went into emergency lockdown after a doctor reported he saw a man walk in the hospital with what looked like a gun slung over his shoulder. Police were called and the hospital was put on emergency lockdown for aver an hour.

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