Possible Assault Charges for Man Who Hit Child With Boat!
Stories like this are simply heart breaking!
I know that summer time brings a fun and exciting time on the river for many. And, often it's easy to forget how incredibly careful we all need to be when operating a vessel on the water.
It's tragic that this little 4 year old boy was hit by a bo…
Theft Alert! Don’t Leave Valuables in Boats!
Richland police are warning boat owners to keep valuables hidden or not leave valuables on their boats at all.
Two people are suspected of hopping the fence at the Columbia Park Marina and stealing hundreds of dollars of stuff from a boat...
Drugs And Guns Found Near Kennewick Fred Meyer!
Police reported finding Methamphetamine and a sawed-off .22-caliber rifle behind a tree near Fred Meyer in Kennewick.
A 911 call was made Sunday morning by someone who spotted some young men looking in the windows of homes in the area.
A Police dog and his handler found the Meth and gun which could ha…
Packing Pot is Apparently OK at Sea-Tac!
We each have our own opinions about Pot I suppose, I don't smoke it personally, but I don't care who does! And I couldn't care less if people travel with it in their carry- on luggage!
Well, apparently officials with the TSA at Sea-Tac don't really care either...

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