One mans junk is another mans treasure, the motto of every yard or garage sale.  A gal in Wisconsin has put a twist on the yard sale concept. People have bought priceless paintings, expensive jewelery, even found money hidden in books, yeah yard sales. Just a question, what's the difference between a yard sale and a garage sale? Has anybody actually bought a garage at a yard sale? My wife and stepdaughter will have several yard sales during the course of the summer, but no matter how successful they say they are, we always seem to put a bunch of stuff back in my garage, hmmmm. So when I read about the gal in Wisconsin who's yard sale was a little different because of a bad divorce, it gave me an idea, sell what you can, and give the rest away. Great idea, but it would never fly at my house, that reminds me,

my wife sold something of mine at the last yard sale and I didn't get my money, hmmmmm. What's the best thing you have ever bought at a yard sale? what's the worst thing?