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Plastic Surgery Sabbatical?
Rumors have been BUZZING about  Greg! What has he been doing with his time off? Many imaginary sources have been leaking information about Greg's whereabouts.
Last week Greg was seen walking outside of 'South Beach Cosmetic Surgery for Men' in Miami...
Cheaters!! Busted!!
Thanks to thecheeky.com they offer an anti-cheating ring!  The negative engraving leaves a mark on your skin that says…’I’m Married’
Work Place Pet Peeves, What’s yours?
According to Boston.com, there are many office pet peeves that will drive a guy a little batty. People who talk too much, don't mind their own business, people who chew gum loud, etc. I am no exception. I'm sure there are things that I do that make co-workers a little crazy, but like any g…

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