If you're going to be a criminal, being hard to identify is a good thing. Apparently, that doesn't matter to this Yakima suspect. 31-year-old Jonathan Vargas is wanted in connection to a drive-by in Yakima on May 22nd. If you see him, you DEFINITELY will recognize him. The suspect's head and neck are covered with tattoos. And not just any tattoos, it seems he had a theme in mind: Washington state! He has a 509, a Seahawks logo and Superbowl XLVIII on his neck, and a large apple.

Yeah, we like the Seahawks too, bro, just not THAT Much. In any case, if you see the suspect, do not approach. All jokes aside, he is said to be dangerous and potentially armed. If you see him, call the police at (509) 574-2500 or just dial 911. If he's smart, he'll probably be wearing a turtleneck, hat, and hoodie. Just saying.

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