Hey, quick, why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side, ALIVE, dummy!

The Washington State Patrol responded to State Road 502 in Dollars Corner, WA Monday after a semi-truck transporting live chickens rolled over.

Dozens of live birds escaped onto the roadway, forcing troopers to run around trying to wrangle them. They eventually contained the birds and they were transported to Foster Farms.

Officer CHICKS. True story.

Funny. But for some, not funny.

While crews were cleaning up about 30 animal rights activists showed up to protest the rights of the chickens. One woman, an activist, picked up a chicken that started walking up an embankment. A Foster Farms employee noticed and told the woman she couldn't take the chicken. She refused multiple times, even when a WSP trooper told her to give it back. The standoff lasted for an hour. She was arrested and charged with obstruction of a peace officer and third-degree theft.

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