Acrophobia is the fear of heights...and is nothing to laugh at, I suffer from it myself unless I am on stairs or have a railing.  I remember a few years ago we did a team building exercise at the Columbia Park ropes and obstacle course; when asked to get on top of the telephone pole and jump, I said 'oh hell no.'

So, with that in mind, I don't want to be too harsh on this woman (whose name has not yet been released) who apparently on Monday, climbed to the top of the T-Rex statute at the Granger Dinosaur Park. She then discovered the Acrophobia is real, and she could not climb down. She, or someone there, called 911, bringing out the Granger Fire Department--according to Yakima County Scanner news.

We were able to obtain a photo taken by a passer by, Mr. Juan Castro, who gave us permission to use it.  He said the event happened around 6:30PM in the park, and he happened to snap this picture. This picture shows fire crews with a ladder beginning to coax her to safety.

Many people don't know back in 1993, the dinosaur park was created as an effort to spark interest and tourism to Granger, and give the residents some fun stuff to do.

According to Roadside America, at one time the park contained about 30 of the concrete statutes of almost every kind of dinosaur, from T-Rex to Veloceraptors and more. A few have gone away over the years, but the T-Rex is still there.

From what we know from reports, apparently the woman was able to be safely rescued from the 'clutches' of the fierce T-Rex.

We appreciate the use of the photo from Mr. Castro, a check of the Granger Fire Department page didn't show any mention of the event.

Hey, for us Acrophobites, the struggle is real.

The Dino park is worth a visit to Granger, here's some other travel attractions.


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