It's a common fear: dropping your phone in the toilet, and especially an outhouse. Most of the time you make sure it's out of your pocket and resting somewhere safe before taking care of business. But sometimes, you're in a rush, and well, things go awry. That's what happened to a woman in a Kilpsen Beach outhouse. She apparently forgot that her phone was in her back pocket and it fell (probably in slow motion) down to the depths of the outhouse. EW.

Now, most people would have just called it a loss, but oh no, this woman was determined to get it back! She went down to get it and GOT STUCK!! She couldn't get herself back up, had to scream for help, and pray someone would come by. Luckily for her, someone did. A man heard the screams and busted the door of the outhouse, and assisted the lady to safety. The park rangers got there after the incident occurred but confirmed that it was a real story! They didn't do an official report, so the lady's name wasn't taken. MAN, I love my phone but there's NO WAY I'd go in to an outhouse to get it. No word on how the lady and the phone are doing, but man, talk about having a crappy day!! ;)

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