There are some great reasons why you should prepare your home for the long winter months. Following a few steps will prevent damage to your home, lower your utility bill, and keep you warm. Winter is unpredictable and can be harsh, with heavy snow, ice storms, and frigid temperatures. Preparing before the storm hits is critical.

A Winterization Checklist to Ready Your Home for the Cold

You can do the majority of these essential tasks on a weekend by yourself and most don’t require a lot of money to complete. Not up to the task? Hire someone handy to do it all. Whatever you decide, they're important winterization steps for all homeowners and by following them your home will be ready for winter and your family more comfortable. And, you’ll save a few bucks to boot. 

Gallery Credit: Paul Drake

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Hunts Point on the banks of Lake Washington is one of the most coveted waterfront communities in Washington, if not the entire world. And, this 17,599-square-foot estate sits in the heart of the community.

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