We love seeing local businesses do well, but we are ECSTATIC to see them thrive, and that is exactly what we are seeing with the Li'l Firehouse Coffee Shop! They announced on their Facebook page that are about to hit their MILLIONTH customer and they are ready to celebrate, by celebrating YOU! They anticipate hitting their millionth customer in the upcoming weeks and it could be you! So what does the millionth customer get besides  one of their signature beverages, like a fizzy energy drink or a creamy mocha coffee drink? How about a THOUSAND dollar gift card! Yup! That's a lot of coffee and it could be anyone of us... including ME!

Never been to Li'l Firehouse? Well let me direct you to them! In Richland you can find them at 895 Stevens Drive (formerly Bombers Drive-thru) and in Kennewick you can visit them at 3708 West Clearwater ave. Both locations are counting customers, so it doesn't matter which one you visit, you will be eligible to win at either. We will keep you posted when they announce their winner, until then, enjoy those frosty beverages and good luck to you all! May the best coffee drinker win!

Congratulations on your success and we wish you continued success from now until retirement, or forever!


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