My son and his girlfriend came to town a few months back and they wanted Boba Tea. I'd never heard of Boba Tea until they told me about it and little did I know we actually have a coffee shop that specializes in Boba Tea right here in the Tri-Cities.

The shop is called Novel Coffees and Teas and it's been operating inside the Richland Public Library for years but now will open up a second location in Richland.

In an article from KEPR-TV, Novel's owners have announced another location opening.

The owners talk about how the pandemic had shut them down inside the library but now they are branching out to a new location.

Novel's current location has been closed due to the pandemic but this new location will allow them to open up again.

The new coffee shop will be located at 702 George Washington Way.

You can check out Novel Coffees and Teas here and also check out the KEPR-TV article here.

You can see a map of other places to find boba tea in the Tri-Cities here.

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