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We all have a love affair with our cars. Sometimes we like to get out on a Saturday morning, grab the bucket & hose and give our cars a bath, most of the time though we are in a hurry and we go to the car wash. Most of the time the car washes are not very kind to cars. Sure they get the big stuff and they put a coat of tire shine on your tires to give it that car lot look but have you ever had your car detailed? I mean really detailed?

I decided that I should have Mama Bear's 2006 Volvo S8O detailed. This is a pretty fancy car and yes I have washed it by hand and also put it thru the car wash so I was really curious to see if it would really make a difference.

So I took my car to Affordable Detail on Clearwater in Kennewick. Sean Reed the owner has been a good friend for a long time and I kept telling him that I was going to bring my European baby in for some pampering.

Let me tell you something! It was amazing. The car looks like new! On the interior they steam cleaned the carpets and floor mats 3 times, hand treated the leather and treated all windows with a polymer. Not only does the car smell better there are less allergens in the car, no more dirt and the stains are completely gone!

The exterior had some minor scratches and dings which were touched up, buffed out and they called in their dent removal specialist. The parking lots of the Tri Cities have not been kind to this car. 3 coats of wax went on this car and the scratches and dings? GONE!

Even the engine compartment was steam cleaned and treated and the wheels which had heavy brake dust on them and a little road rash were treated with a polymer so they will stay clean.

This is well worth the money to do this once or twice a year. My car is an investment that I am going to keep for a long time so I want to start treating it right! Keep it clean & bright with Affordable Detail.Sean and his crew did an awesome job on the car and I highly recommend them. Here is the link to their website CLICK HERE and you can also call them at (509) 735-6300










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