Thursday was national nachos day and it got me to thinking...

If I wanted the best nachos on national nacho day, where would I go in the Tr-cities to enjoy them? So I asked the people who know best, YOU! I posted the question on a few different forums and came up with A LOT of answers but definitely found the top five, according to the general population that voted.

The top rated nachos in the Tri-cities is....(drum roll please!)

Foodies Too! Foodies has two different locations, one in Richland and the other in Kennewick and they were the clear winner! Coming in right behind Foodies, there was a tie, between Inca Mexican Restaurant and Bombing Range Brewing Co. in Richland. There were so many different pubs and restaurants mentioned, in no particular order but I thought I would share them all with you so you can judge for yourself! Jackalope Bar & Grill in Kennewick was mentioned bunches and it is one of my favorite spots to enjoy their yummy nachos and cold beer! Swampy's BBQ Sauce & Catering had quite the nacho fans voting for them and definitely made the list! Silos Sports Bar & Grill is another favorite and worth checking out according to our Facebook friends. A surprising favorite place to get nachos is apparently Red Lobster, not saying I don't believe it, just saying that isn't what they specialize in so it came as a shock. There were quite a few people who recommended that THEY make the best nachos! Well.... challenge accepted! I would gladly come and judge your homemade nachos, you just say when and where and I am down!

Personally I think we should have a nacho competition, have everyone in one place and have a cook off!

Bombing Range Brewing Co
Bombing Range Brewing Co.
Laurie Winchell
Jackalope Bar & Grill


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