This will probably be the most beautiful thing you will see all week! That's right, beautiful Trash Can Nachos! This creation is the perfect balance of ingredients jammed into a can and then unleashed in front of your eyes! It is a pile of perfectly seasoned chips smothered in beer cheese, pulled pork, yummy bbq sauce, onions, tomatoes and fresh jalapenos! Maybe it is the presentation that has me so excited...

When they brought these nachos to me they were in a can with a handle and all the ingredients were hidden! But then suddenly the gal serving them slowly started to pull the can up to uncover the drippy, beautiful, gooey mash of deliciousness and I about died!

When I think nachos I wouldn't think barbecue sauce but for whatever reason this crazy combination works and let me just say it REALLY WORKS! This was, by far one of the best nachos I have ever had in my life and it is LOCAL!! You can find these Trash Can Nachos at The Edge Steakhouse in Kennewick! I recommend you go try the Trash Can Nachos today for lunch and tell them Janis sent you!

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