Washington is the No. 1 state for bigfoot sightings. The most popular places to catch a glimpse include the Blue Mountains, Okanogan County -- or better yet, Ape Canyon, the locale of one of the most aggressive bigfoot encounters ever recorded

The Travel Channel reported: "In 1924, a group of miners reported being attacked by multiple sasquatches, which allegedly threw rocks at their cabin and tried to break in."

In the Benton-Franklin area, there have been two sightings of the big furry giant.

The most sightings have come out of Pierce County -- 80.

All of this information came from the folks at the Bigfoot Field Researchers' Association.

You can check out their website here for more detailed information. Or report your own encounter here

Benton County:

July 1991-2003 -- Family has many occurrences with bigfoot in Washington state.

March 1967 -- Teen hunter sees a sasquatch at a distance while bird hunting and found tracks five years before.

Other nearby counties with sightings:

Walla Walla County:

November 2003 -- Father and son hunting in Mill Creek drainage near Walla Walla see biped walking across a slope.
March 2001 -- Girl watches large black sasquatch walk down the ridge.
March 2001 -- BFRO investigator finds tracks in snow.
December 2000 -- Rooks Park investigation.
January 2000 -- BFRO field investigator finds sasquatch tracks in the snow.

Yakima County:

June 2019 -- Camper hears howls at 4-5 a.m. near Rimrock Lake.
Winter 2018 -- Morning snowmobilers hear howls, tree knocks, branch break 8 miles south of Rimrock Lake.
September 2014 -- Mother and son, while backpacking, experience a possible night-time camp approach near Naches.
June 2014 -- Campers sleeping inside their tent hear clacking and are touched near Bumping Lake.
August 2011 -- Sighting at dawn by a bear hunter in the Cowiche wilderness area.
August 2005 and '09 -- Camper describes possible encounters in 2005 and again in summer 2009 near Trout Lake.
October 2008 -- Hunter reports hearing loud wood knocking northwest of Tieton.
August 2007 -- California BFRO researcher has sighting with a thermal imaging unit in Wenatchee National Forest.
August 2001 -- Campers hear scream and witness rock-throwing at Twin Sister Lakes.
September 2003 -- Hunter sees bigfoot crossroad behind him west of Nile.
August 1965 -- Daylight sighting by residents near Yakima River.
October 2001 -- Elk hunters encounter large animal and hear vocalizations near Rimrock Lake.
June 2001 -- Evening sighting by a motorist near Glenwood.
October 2000 -- Barefoot tracks and whistling heard while hunting.
July 2000 -- Three campers near Bumping Lake hear vocalizations from Nelson Ridge.
July 2000 -- Campers hear screams and wood knocking near Bumping Lake.
June 2000 -- Sound heard month earlier than another report in the same area.
November 1996 -- Hunters hear unusual animal stalking them at night.
August 1996 -- Woman sees bigfoot on two occasions along the same road.
Fall 1941 -- A tall black creature covered with hair and very muscular was seen walking quickly across a clearing.

Umm, that's a lot of bigfoot sightings for our state alone. Have you ever encountered anything like any of the stories above? Do you believe in bigfoot?



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