Welcome to the new year! 2012 is here! So as most of you know I started this weight loss program from Ideal Protein and Arbor Health Care For Women. I started October 17 and to date I have lost 54 pounds! And I did it in 11 weeks. That's an average of just under 5 pounds per week. I have not published a new picture in a couple of months so here ya go!

Now I did hit a couple of bumps but I accomplished another goal before the end of December. On Dec 23rd I saw my regular doctor had lab work done and he took me off of ALL MY MEDICATION! 3 high blood pressure medications and 2 diabetes medications including insulin.

On October 17th my A1C was 9.1 on Dec 23rd it was a 6. Blood sugars were running 200-210 pretty consistantly. Now I am 125 in the morning and 95 at night.

YOU can acheive the same success as me. Find out how at this open house that I am inviting you to. At Arbor Health Care For Women on Wednesday January 11th at 6pm. Please call them to reserve a spot and bring a friend! Call them at (509) 946-7900

You will have the opportunity to meet the coaches, the doctor, try the food and hear my story!

Hope to see you there and you'll be seeing less of me! Really you will! Every single week with Ideal Protein! Check out Ideal Protein

Bear January 2012

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