Too much fun. I went into the closet this morning and I grab one of my hawaiian print shirts thinking HEY! It's friday! Let's roll! OMG! What was I thinking? The last time I bought a hawaiin print shirt was last summer! Well last summer I weighed 365 lbs and I filled the shirt!

Today March 2nd 2012 18 weeks into the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol I have lost 89 lbs! This week I had a tough conversation with my coach Bonnie but you know what? It needed to happen. As I get smaller I need to adjust my diet to accomodate my smaller size. Which by the way I can't even believe I have gotten to this weight.

Arbor Healthcare For Women is sponsoring a FREE seminar next Wednesday at 6pm. At ther clinic 900 Stevens Drive in Richland. To reserve your space call them at (509) 946-7900. Meet the doctor, the coaches, try the food and see what Ideal Protein is all about!

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