It is hard to believe that is has only been 16 weeks since I started my Ideal Protein weight loss program. Look what I have done in that short period of time.

So I hear it every day. No Way! It's so hard to lose! I can't do it! I don't have time! Are there any other excuses that I missed?

Well I could every excuse in the book but my doctor gave me plenty of reasons to loose weight and do it fast! I was killing myself with Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure and oh yeah I weighed 365 lbs.

In comes Arbor Health Care For Women with The Ideal Protein protocol. Check it out! CLICK HERE

In that 16 weeks I have been cleared off ALL of my medication which included 2 for the diabetes and 3 for blood pressure! I have lost 77 lbs which means I am now more than half way to my goal of losing 140lbs!

I used the excuses. I was the excuse! I had nobody to blame but myself. The Ideal Protein program has given me light at the end of the tunnel and when I am done losing weight by the end of May I will be able to say that I was able to create a new me that eats healthy and lives life to the fullest!

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