Electric cars are the wave of the future. My good friend Phil now owns two electric cars. One is a converted Mazda Pickup and then there is the ZAP CAR! You can save BIG money at the gas pump and Phil loves snubbing his nose at the gas pump! So I thought I would take this electric phenomena out for a spin....

Well here is a little back ground on the ZAP car. ZAP, short for Zero Air Polution, is an electric car manufacturer based in Santa Rosa, California. At one point ZAP was going to sell the Mercedes Smart car but after selling 300 of the vehicles Chrysler put a stop to it through legal action.

They are very economical. Phil says if you compare the cost of electricity to gas which this car is completely electric it would get about 200 mpg. Pretty cheap transportation. And they are so cute!

That is until Bear gets in one. In the words of my dad "Never drive a car that weighs less than you do". Nuff said.