When the State of Washington built the wildlife crossing bridges over I-90 a few years back, I was wondering if the wildlife would use the bridges, and now we have proof.

Where Is The I-90 Wildlife Crossing In Washington State?

The I-90 wildlife overcrossing is part of the 15-mile corridor improvement project between Hyak and Easton a few years back and it looks like it's working as a recent video has coyotes and a bobcat crossing the bridge.

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The overcrossing was built to keep both people and animals safe along the interstate. Anyone who's ever hit a deer or other wildlife knows how terrifying it can be especially in the dead of night.

What Does A Wildlife Crossing Bridge Do?

The wildlife bridges have helped with the prevention of accidents and it also protects the animals from harm as well.

Washington Department Of Transportation

It's an amazing sight to see. I was one of those naysayers who didn't think these bridges work but boy, was I wrong.

What Wildlife Has Been Caught On Video Crossing The Wildlife Bridge?

The cameras have caught deer, elk, coyotes, and now bobcats using the overpass.

Congratulations to the WA DOT for the successful crossing of over 4,000 animals across the I-90 Wildlife Crossing this year.

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