My friends Krystal and Matthew Wyatt didn't expect to walk outside of their house one morning to discover that the Waitsburg First Christian Church's Blessing Box has been smashed and almost destroyed. The Blessing Box gives out hundreds of pounds of food per month in the Waitsburg community.

It appears vandals had busted into the Blessing Box in front of the First Christian Church in Waitsburg. My friend Krystal explained on her Facebook page exactly what the Blessing Box does for her community:

This blessing box gives out hundreds of pounds of food per month. Yes, hundreds. Food that goes to families who have lost jobs during COVID. Children who don’t know if they will have dinner on any given night, have been fed by this box. Families that struggle with something we take for granted, don’t have to go to bed hungry on a Tuesday or Friday. Also, families who show their children what love is by coming weekly to donate. Parents that explain the good they are doing when they allow their children to fill this box.

Krystal and Matthew could have taken the low road and screamed out in anger but with every setback, a ray of hope shines through. Krystal continued her story as follows:

You tried taking that, but instead you blessed us.

Within minutes of discovering this, an amazing young man came with supplies to fix every bit of damage caused.

Within hours, I believe in a community that will fill this box once again.

You may not understand why I said you gave us a blessing. But you did. You allowed Waitsburg to once again show what we are made of.

Belief in greater good.

This is the Waitsburg I know and believe in. Not what you did, but what came after. You allowed that to shine once again.

This is the Waitsburg I hold onto. You will not steal that from us. You can’t. It just continues to shine brighter.

Thank you for your blessing.

You see, what happened next was amazing. Matthew and Krystal have had non-stop cars dropping off food and supplies, so much that they have reserves when the Blessing Box runs low.

It is truly an amazing thing to see kindness arise from the destruction and still gives a lot of us cynical people the message that love will always conquer hate.

Waitsburg Blessing Box

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