If your the kind of person that seeks out the strange and weird around them, then this is the museum for you. Nestled in a little cafe in downtown Seattle is a museum that is the home of "bad art". It is called the "Official Bad Art Museum", also known as the acronym OBAMA, and highlights all the strangest and most unique art in the world.

On their website they claim they are "The worlds only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all its forms." If you are looking for this little gem of the Northwest, you can find it inside Cafe Racer located at 1510 11th Ave 5828 Roosevelt Way NE in Downtown Seattle.

Not only do they have tons of horrible art for you to browse, but they have some interesting specialty food also. One of there most popular items is the "Wonder Wiener." It is described as "a polish dog split in half, with a slice of bacon placed inside and grilled. The wiener is then stuffed with cream cheese, green chilies and onions, and served on a toasted bun spread with special sauces mayotard and waa-la" on atlasobscura.com. Anything with bacon on it sounds good to me, count me in!

They also have a full service barber and beauty salon inside, which is almost as strange as the art. It is the only spot in Washington where you can grab lunch, drink a beer, get a haircut, and browse some of the worst art in Washington State all in one insane location.

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