I want this to be an assurance and not a cause for alarm. The United States 'doomsday plane' just flew across the heartland of the country, but that's really not unusual.

I've seen this iNews story shared recently regarding the 'doomsday plane' taking flight yesterday and today over the Midwest and have confirmed it's true. As they reported, this was done in response to Putin making nuclear threats against America and its allies regarding the crisis in Ukraine. They shared a tweet showing that the 'doomsday plane' was in flight. NOTE: the doomsday planes are based out of Lincoln, Nebraska so it's unusual for them NOT to fly over this regent frequently.

I can take this a step further and show you that its call sign (GORDO15) flew from Lincoln, Nebraska into Illinois according to Flight Aware.

Flight Aware
Flight Aware

Here's why this is not really something to be concerned about. The military's E4-B Nightwatch is always at the ready and is normally airborne to provide a command center for our government in the event of a surprise attack.

It's worth noting that there are multiple 'Doomsday Planes' and one was just over the upper parts of Minnesota yesterday, too. As they mentioned, it was "no cause for alarm".

I'm not inferring there is no reason for concern as the situation involving Russia and the Ukraine and Putin's words about nukes is serious. I'm saying the activity of the doomsday planes is no additional need for worry. It's just normal precautions of our military at work.

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