Americans Pink Ice win over Everett (TC Ams-John Keller Photo)
Americans Pink Ice win over Everett (TC Ams-John Keller Photo)


(Image from Tri CIty Americans--John Keller Photo)

March 1st, the WA state indoor vax mandate went away. Events that drew 1,000 or more persons (either single or ongoing) required either vax proof or negative COVID test.

But now, things loosening up.

No More Vax mandate at TC Ams games, Masks vanish March 12)

The Americans already saw a solid attendance bump for the Pink Ice Breast Cancer Awareness game a week ago Friday, and with masks going away, it's expected to continue to climb.  The Americans have done noticeably better with fans than some sports teams around the PNW.

US Division teams in WHL (in WA) were under that vax proof mandate

The mandate was not from the teams or the WHL, it was from the state, and was strictly enforced. But as of March 1st, the vax proof requirement ended. Masks will no longer be asked of fans as of March  12.

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The Americans are home Friday, March 4 vs. Seattle, then return March 11th vs. Vancouver, March 18th vs. Seattle, etc. For more details about the remaining games, click on the button below.

Additional make-up games have been added in April, these were games the Ams' couldn't play due to issues on the part of other WHL teams.

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