Imagine if the lights on Kennewick's cable bridge could change color with a few clicks.

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It could happen if 3 Tri-Citians have their way. Kathy Lampson, Deb Culverhouse, and Karen Miller proposed the idea of replacing the current lights with programmable LED lights to the Port of Kennewick Commission in January.

How much will new lights cost?


According to the women, the price tag could be as much as $2 million and more. The trio says current sodium vapor lights are "outdated."

To change the color currently, is a lot of work.

Technicians must place colored glass discs over each light fixture, (144 total). The first time that was done was in 2013 for Ovarian Cancer Together. The bridge cables were illuminated in teal. The project cost $5,000 and one lane of the bridge had to close to get the work done. HAPO and other donors sponsored the changing of the lights to teal each September through 2017.

What can new LED lights do?

The programmable LED lights can provide the bridge with a backdrop for any occasion or celebration. Think of the possibilities. High school homecomings could be honored, holidays, and more.

Lampson, Culverhouse, and Miller remain determined in pursuing grants and funding along with community support to help get the project underway for the bridge.

Originally the Ed Hendler Bridge (today known as the cable bridge) opened in 1978.


The bridge connects Kennewick and Pasco. The bridge is owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation. You can read more here.

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