As a kid, Lucky Charms was my absolute favorite breakfast cereal. I liked them so much that I remember eating them with water one time.

It looks like the unthinkable is happening as Lucky Charms is "killing" off a famous marshmallow!

The Yellow Hourglass Marshmallow is being sent to the marshmallow "graveyard" - now don't fret, Lucky Charms has been sending marshmallows to "die" for years.

You might remember such famous marshmallows like blue diamond (‘75), purple horseshoe (’83), swirled whale (’86), red balloon (’89), rainbow (’92), pot of gold (’94) and shooting star (’98).

Do you realize that only Pink Heart remains of the original green clovers, pink hearts, orange stars and yellow moons from 1963?

Oh the humanity!

The Hourglass has been in the cereal since 2008 but looks like it's time is UP!

It's a wait and see on what the next new Lucky Charms shape will be.

you can check out more details here 

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