Tri-City Hikers: Don't bring valuables along when hiking. Leave them at home.

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Officials are advising Tri-City Hikers to leave all valuables at home when planning to hike our area hills and mountains.


No one wants to come back from a refreshing hike to find their vehicle broken into. So why, even give a potential thief any opportunity. Leave anything of value at home.

I don't believe we're telling you anything you didn't already know, are we?

We've been seeing an uptick in vehicle break-ins where spare change and other valuables are taken.


For the life of me, I don't understand why people leave their wallets in their vehicles. If anything, lock your valuables in the trunk at the very least.

Remember back in the day, when you could leave your vehicle unlocked? Today is NOT that day.

Please, when hiking our local trails, Don't have anything of value in your vehicle. There are perpetrators stalking our cars. They're searching out ANYTHING of value. Clothes, handbags, jewelry, coins, etc.

Be vigilant. Lock up your goods in the trunk.

Better yet. Don't bring it.

Read more here on how to be safe while hiking our beautiful grounds in Tri-Cities.

Again, be vigilant. Leave the valuables at home. Go back and get them. You don't have to carry everything with you.

Stay safe, friends.

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