The results are in..and the Western States Heavy Equipment rodeo held last week with KORD set an attendance record!

Held at Granite Northwest  north of Pasco last week, the Western States and CAT event drew nearly 70 competitors, and hundreds of spectators.  Western States is staging 12 "rodeos" or heavy equipment skill competitions in WA, OR, ID, and Montana, with the 12 competitors with the best overall scores competing in August for huge prizes.  Five events were held, including stacking tires five tall using the front boom of a backhoe,  scooping tennis balls with a front loader,  removing soccer balls balanced on traffic cones with a front loader without dropping them, and more.   Jeremy Kysar was the Tri-Cities winner with the best overall score between the five timed events.  He will head off to Boise ID in August to compete for a 2011 F-250 Pickup, and tons of other prizes from Western States, CAT and others.  It was quite a show watching the heavy equipment operators and even amateurs try to master the skills!