Washington State Senator Sharon Brown is working hard to bring small modular nuclear reactors to the Tri-Cities! That would mean clean, cheap electricity and thousands of high-paying jobs!

Solar panels and wind turbines create clean energy, but are dirty to build and they don't last long. Nuclear power is the second-best return on investment for clean energy after a hydropower dam. But while dams have a huge impact on the environment, scientists have figured out how to generate nuclear power from small, skinny reactors that sit in the ground like missile silos and are easy to operate safely.

Local politician Sharon Brown is working to bring some of those here. 

We're the ideal place for them for the same reasons we were the right choice for nuclear development in the 1940s.

This radio station polled its listeners a few weeks ago on whether they'd like to see more or less nuclear power in the area and 9/10 said more! We're ready, bring on the cheap, clean energy and high-tech jobs!

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