A Pasco man showed he had the right stuff when he was crowned the champion on History Channel's "Forged In Fire" TV show.

Pasco Man Competes On The History Channel

Forged In Fire has aired on the History Channel since 2015 and now can boast that one of its champions lives in Pasco and hails from Goldendale Washington.

Wade Plumlee is a Washington native who took his talent to the History Channel and won the show!

Pasco Man Is Grand Champion on History Channel's Forged In Fire TV Show

If you've been watching the show, you already know Wade Plumlee but if you haven't been watching the show, it might be worth checking out.

Forged In Fire is a show about world-class bladesmiths re-creating historical and iconic edged weapons like swords and knives.

Forged In Fire is a TV show that airs on the History Channel and Plumlee was crowned the winner of $10,000 and champion on season 8, episode 38 that aired in December.

What Did Wade Plumlee Do To Win Forged In Fire

Plumlee was tasked with making a fantasy broadsword and another competitor on the show had their sword break, making Plumlee the grand prize winner.

Wade Plumlee is a union-sheet metal maker whose hobby is bladesmithing.

In an article posted by Goldendale Sentinel, Plumlee said he answered a casting call after another blacksmith couldn't make the show. Plumlee jumped a plane to New York and then competed on the show.

Plumlee in an interview with KEPR-TV, shared his experience on winning the show:

"I'm this champion of this game show on the national TV and I can't believe it. So once mine performed and it lasted as long as his did and it was still in tact I was like 'What's going on' you know I'm still trying to figure out in my mind like I'm a champion but wow this is crazy," shared Plumlee. "You know, my emotions are going all over the place, I don't know what to think. But it was really awesome."

If you missed the episode, you can purchase the episode on Youtube for $1.99 and you can watch the episode yourself.

Great job Wade, thanks for doing Pasco proud, and enjoy your winnings!

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