Growing up in Clarkston Washington, I always thought that my hometown was pretty redneck but now having lived in multiple parts of Washington, Clarkston seems pretty tame when it comes to rednecks. 

Gregory Bergman

Some might think being a redneck can be a derogatory term but most rednecks I know are pretty proud to be a redneck. I think my whole family considers themselves rednecks.

Where Are The Most Redneck Towns In Washington?

I think of rednecks liking the outdoors and hunting and fishing but I also know there are other stereotypes of being a redneck that makes one a proud redneck. Jeff Foxworthy, the comedian is perhaps most famous for bringing the redneck movement to the forefront of society.

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As with everything, I'm sure there are various levels of being a redneck that needs to be taken into consideration first before boldly naming the 10 most redneck towns in Washington.

Here Are 10 Of The Most Redneck Towns In Washington

Comedian Nick Johnson posted a hilarious video about the 10 most redneck cities in Washington and you'll be surprised to find two of our towns near the Tri-Cities made the list.

Zillah and Moses Lake top his list of the most redneck towns in Washington State

I think he missed a few so I've added a few more below for your consideration and they should be added to his list.

Let's see if you agree or disagree with the towns listed in the video

  1. Moses Lake
  2. Burlington
  3. Omak
  4. Shelton
  5. Tenino
  6. Colville
  7. Woodland
  8. Zillah
  9. Rochester
  10. Danville

Here are honorable mentions of the Top 10 Redneck Towns in Washington:

Finley Washington Is One Of The Top 10 Most Redneck Towns In Washington

I'm surprised Finley didn't make the list. If you live in Tri-Cities, lots of jokes refer to Finley as "Fin-Tucky" so Finley should make the list of redneck towns in Washington

attachment-Untitled design (4)

Would You Consider Benton City Washington One Of Washington's Redneck Towns?

Benton City isn't on Nick Johnson's list but I'm sure some folks in the Tri-Cities consider Benton City to be rural enough to be a redneck hold in Washington State. It does have a claim to fame that country singer James Otto grew up in Benton City.

credit: canva
credit: canva

Pasco gets a special mention as being the most redneck of the three major Tri-Cities towns.

You can either see redneck as a badge of honor or derogatory but either way, you can't deny that rednecks are a huge part of American life.

What towns would you add to our list? Feel free to APP chat with us on our app and let us know.

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