When my daughter, Kamrace was just 16 she told me when she graduated high school she was going to buy a van and live in it!! Of course I laughed to myself and imagined her being a motivational speaker down by the river!! I truly never expected her to buy a van and follow through with it!!

Well now TODAY is the day!!

Her and her boyfriend, Justin have worked feverishly to finish remodeling the van they purchased over the winter and today is the day they embark on a 3 month journey traveling the states and living out of that darn van!

They plan to visit as much of the West coast as possible this summer, while I wait at home, sick with worry and follow their journey on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!

You can follow Kamrace on Instagram @kamraceclardy plus I will have updated photos of the "finished project" after I say my farewell today! I hope you enjoy their adventures and follow along!!


The original purchase!
The beginning "before"
So it begins!
Never gonna get done!
Blood, sweat and plenty of tears!


Before paint
After paint
Taking a break!!