Justin Gregory and Kamrace Clardy graduate Hanford high school in just 10 days and their dream of life living in a van will become reality!

For the past 2 years Kamrace and Justin have been working 2 and 3 jobs (also going to high school) plus working odd jobs to earn enough money to buy a 1992 Dodge Van and have enough spending money for an entire summer. Their intentions of gutting it and turning it into a mobile apartment are becoming a reality, with a lot of blood sweat and tears however!

This winter they drove to Seattle to purchase their traveling home and have spent long days and late nights getting it road ready! Although there is still a lot of work to get done they have made incredible progress and plan to make their dream come true by the end of June.

They plan to travel, surf and see the world together! Justin is 18 and Kamrace is 17 years old and will turn 18 just days after they hit the road! So young and so motivated!

The couple plans to travel Highway 101 and visit as much of the coast as possible with their final destination being California, where Kamrace will meet her Grandfather for the first time!

Justin and Kamrace plan to be gone the entire summer, but not to worry.... they do plan on going to college when they return.


We plan on tracking their progress this summer and being part of their adventures, so stay tuned for "TRAVELING TEENAGERS!"

Their parents plan to travel this summer to meet up with them and make sure they are brushing their teeth!