So, you may remember when a certain red cup caused a big stir. Starbucks released its annual holiday cup, and it was, well, just red. Some people FLIPPED OUT because it wasn't Christmassy enough, but in the end, Starbucks didn't lose any sleep (or money) due to the outrage. Well, they have just released photos if this year's cups, and hopefully everyone will be happy. This year there are four different designs and they have a cool retro holiday feel. Not sure if you'll be able to request which cup you get (I'm pretty sure if you're there in person, and ask for a certain design they'll oblige), but each design is very Christmassy and fun!

Starbucks also announced that while supplies last, when customers order a holiday beverage on November 2nd, they will be able to get a free reusable holiday cup as well!

How cool is that!? So, reach out to your fave Starbucks location and see if they'll have the reusable cup! I really want one. But if not, the holiday cups are SUPER cute this year! Happy Holidays!

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