It didn't take long, perhaps in part because people DO pay attention. The perp and his friends decided to do (what was believed to be) car repairs in front of somebody else's home.

Early Tuesday morning Kennewick police received a call from a resident about a suspect vehicle.

The man said the car parked nearly in front of his house was amazingly similar to the Cadillac CTS pictured on the Pasco PD Facebook page much earlier that morning. The post described how a driver was pulled over for erratic driving in the early morning hours but sped off leaving his license with the officer. It turns out 32-year-old Antonio De Jesus Martinez had a suspended license and was wanted on an outstanding warrant. He led officers on a chase through Pasco to Kennewick, where he rammed a patrol car. The chase was called off due to safety concerns.

A few hours later, the resident saw this same vehicle in front of his house with suspicious activity around it. The man called police, and indeed the car belonged to Martinez.

He was arrested and is now in the Franklin County jail.

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