Kennewick Police have not elaborated, but we have a hunch this suspect might have had previous knowledge about this car he allegedly tried to steal.

Around 1AM Friday morning (4-17) officers were dispatched to the 100 Block of North Conway Street for a report of a vehicle theft in progress.

When they got there, Police found 21-year-old Reece Baird in the driver's seat. His passenger? A car battery, with the jumper cables running out of the window and under the hood.  When police arrived he bolted from the vehicle but was caught in a nearby parking lot after a short pursuit (it seems most of these officers must have run track in H.S.).

Baird was charged with attempted auto theft and resisting arrest.  We're thinking he must have had prior knowledge of the car to bring a battery, OR, he tried to start it once and then left and returned with the power unit.  Either way, his 'cleverness' still didn't pay off.  He was the one who ended up getting 'zapped.'

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