A map has been posted showing the most unique slang term in every state.  And a lot of them are pretty obscure.  Like in Hawaii, if someone jokes that you're "shark bait," it means you're so pale, you'll attract sharks if you get in the water.  And in Nevada, a "pigeon" is a gambler who keeps throwing money at a bad bet.

Here are some more weird terms from the list you might not know . . .

"Pre-Funk" in Washington is the abbreviated form of "pre-function" which includes getting loaded before going to an event.

"Roofer"  In Arkansas, it's a synonym for idiot or moron.  (Wow, it must really suck to be an ACTUAL roofer there.)

"Gaper"  In Colorado, it's a derogatory term for a bad skier.

"No-See-Ums"   FLA, "no-see-ums" are gnats, or other small bugs that are hard to see.

"Chitlans"  If someone from Georgia says you have "lovely chitlans," DON'T punch them in the mouth.  They mean you have lovely CHILDREN.  (Although "chitlins" in the South could also refer to a dish made of fried pig intestines.)

"LSD"  In Illinois, if someone says they're "driving on LSD," they USUALLY mean a road in Chicago called Lake Shore Drive.

"Hot brown"  In Kentucky, it's a type of open-faced sandwich.

"It's brick"  In Massachusetts, if something is "brick," it means it's very cold.

"J'eet?"  It's what someone in Oklahoma sounds like when they say "did you eat?"

"Snoopy"  In Pennsylvania, it means you're a picky eater.

"Meat and three"  In Tennessee, it's a meal.  As in meat and three side dishes.

"Greenie"  Wyoming, means someone from Colorado, cuz the license plates are green.

Not all the terms on the list are that obscure though.  . .

Waiting a "hot minute" in Alabama . . . saying something you like is the "bomb" in California . . . going to a bar and getting "loaded" in Kansas . . . "fixin'" to do something in Mississippi . . . "spendy" in Oregon, if something is too expensive in say, Portland and "biffing it" when you slip and fall down in Utah.

Information on EVERY state here.

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