Been a couple of weeks since I posted about my weight loss. With moving into a new home and all it has been a little busy. As life returns back to normal (whatever that is) I am now realizing that I am getting down to a size I have not been to since the 1980's!

This past Monday at Arbor Healthcare For Women who administers my Ideal Protein program I had my weigh in which was 268 lbs! So lets do the math. I started the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program October 17, 2011, last monday was March 27, 2012. That is 22 weeks. In 22 weeks I have lost 97 lbs!

This is acheivable for anybody that needs to loose some serious weight or wants to fit into your spring wardrobe. Stay tuned! My birthday is coming up on April 10 and barring something catastrophic I will reach my next goal.

Losing 100 lbs by my 51st birtthday. Watch this post and see if I can do it! Check it out for yourself CLICK HERE!

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