Westport is a small town that sits at the entrance of Grays Harbor on the coast of Washington and from spring to fall it is best known for fishing, clam digging, and surfing. But the town of Westport wants everyone to know that it’s also one of the best places in the Pacific Northwest to visit during the winter - as a storm-watching paradise.

When do winter storms happen on the Washington coast?

Winter storm, Westport, Washington

Each year during November and December king tides and winter storms arrive bringing high winds and massive waves, waves that come roaring in with a deafening sound as they crash upon the shoreline and rocky jetty – vibrating the Earth. Westport even has an enormous elevated viewing tower that presents an amazing panoramic view of nature’s fury during king tides and stormy seas.

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What is a king tide?

King tide, Westport, Washington
Getty-Canva King tide rolls over the rocky jetty, Westport, Washington

King tides are basically the highest tides of the year and occur between November and January. And, although the experts go to great lengths to accurately predict the dates the king tides will happen, it’s not an exact science. It could change by a day or two or even more – as Mother Nature will do what she wants to do.

When are king tides expected to happen on the Washington coast?

Winter storm, Westport, Washington

According to the University of Washington and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, king tides in Westport will happen November 26-28, December 13 – 15 (2023), and January 11 – 13 (2024). Check out the UW's site for dates and locations in other parts of Washington.

Are there accommodations available in Westport, Washington during the winter?

On the website, experiencewestport.com you’ll find a number of options for overnight accommodations and information about camping.

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