Well, I guess you don't need any ear muffs if you DVR'd the opener of season 16 of The Bachelorette because you can google anywhere and the tea is being spilled. It is hot and wild and we have a local connection to Yakima. Zachary aka Zach Jackson. He went to high school in Yakima, my brothers played baseball with him, I actually know this dude and honestly, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I can 150% vouge that any Woman would be blessed to get to have him as her man.

I watched to support him and I feel like he truly crushed it. He was super silly with his first introduction, a moon ring. Literally, a ring that had a butt on it!

Zachary Jackson on The Bachelorette


Maybe I am biased but you need to shake things up! Normally you don't notice the little gestures but I think he might be the slow creeper that people don't pay attention to and then boom, he is in! He was the person to hand her a drink right when she walked in to begin the night's festivities. He also was the first person to swoop her up for a one on one chat and it was sincere. He's not messing around and you can tell. I was so proud!

Now the promo for this season is wild, crying from a lot of suitors which is normal, drama completely normal but what is not normal is the fact that even though they tease the whole season it seems like she gone. Clare fell for one of the gentlemen and probably will be leaving mid-season and we haven't even made it to episode two. Which means, they might be trying to find love with another lady, really soon.

I can't wait for episode two and wanted to give a shout-out to this great guy who really deserves all the happiness in the World.

If you'd like to see his bits head to minute 39 :) Let's go, Let's Go! Let's Go, Zack!

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